Moroccan recipes

Recipes From Morocco

Moroccan basics and how to

Foul mengoub: Dried fava beans in chermoula
Slow-cooked beef's tongue Moroccan style
How to make Moroccan Khlii (or Khlea), a family recipe
Moroccan Preserved Meat a.k.a Khlea' (or Khlii')
Lactose-free and fuss-free dough for quiches and tartlets
Moroccan harissa paste using fresh peppers 
Moroccan harissa vinegraitte or spicy sauce
Moroccan Chermoula recipe: an incredibly versatile marinade
Homemade Moroccan ouarka (or warka) sheets
Moroccan Meslalla olives 
How to clean and freeze raw artichokes
Cooking Moroccan stews Part 2: how to handle a Moroccan stew from start to finish
Cooking Moroccan stews Part 1: terminology and methods of cookings
Cooking tagines the Moroccan way

Moroccan all barley harcha galettes or bread 
Moroccan Rezzat El Qadi / Judge's turban : An all-threads pancake wonder
Moroccan corn and semolina harcha galette with cheese stuffing
My sister's lightly brioched croissants. A treat
Baked Msemmens or plain butter Rghaifs
Moroccan baghrir 100% semolina
Moroccan Msemmens with spiced turkey Kofta filling
Moroccan baked Rghaifs with spiced Kofta (ground beef)
How to make Moroccan Mlaouis: recipe and tutorial
How to make Moroccan Msemmen: recipe and tutorial
Batbout beche'hma - Moroccan stuffed flatbread with suet and spices
Moroccan stuffed batbout with a vegetarian taktouka
How to get your flatbread to puff
My Moroccan griddled flat bread called Batbout (Mkhamer)
Mega Harcha galette
Moroccan stuffed harchas with cheese and other things
Modern Moroccan baghrir with orange sauce
Buttered Mkhamer, a Moroccan flatbread to die for
Moroccan whole wheat bread: Khobz zra'a
My cheesy baked harcha
Moroccan barley bread: Khobz elcha’ir or Mehrache
The best pita bread
Daily bread, from simple to crazy
Batbout, a.k.a Moroccan flat bread cooked in a skillet

Moroccan "salade composée" with cooked vegetables
Moroccan cucumber salad with orange and oregano
Moroccan seafood bastilla/Pastilla: A posh Moroccan starter
Moroccan shrimp and vegetable triangles (briouates)
Spicy Moroccan liver sausage
Moroccan salad of baked aubergines and chermoula
Moroccan Meslalla olives in chermoula
Moroccan fresh cheese -Jben
Chekchouka recipe or “El bid we maticha” with Moroccan meatballs
Trio of Moroccan cooked salads with chermoula: carrots, courgette and green beans
Grilled Corn on the cob, the Moroccan way!

Moroccan dishes

Chekchouka recipe or “El bid we maticha” with Moroccan meatballs
Moroccan mussels in a tomato sauce recipe: Bouzroug be maticha
Moroccan bull's tail and penis stew
Moroccan stuffed spleen with different options
Moroccan chicken tagine with orange wedges
Moroccan Mqualli of chicken with confit of carrots and orange juice
Moroccan sweet Mderbel of pumpkin or butternut
Moroccan Kamama tagine with shallots
The magic world of cooking between two fires Moroccan style
Moroccan Slow-cooked stew: Quails with semi-confit of pears


Moroccan sweet treats, desserts and nibbles

Moroccan superfood mix: Zemmita
Savoury Moroccan fekkas (biscuits) with spicy salami and cheese
Moroccan corn ghrieba with aniseed Moroccan ghriebas with almond and peanut
Moroccan peanut shortbread from the North
Moroccan spiced honeyed Ramadan sweet: Bouchnikha and Mouarraqah
Fekkas d' Lihoud : Fat-free thin Moroccan Jewish biscuits 
Moroccan Griouech/Mkharqa with almonds paste
Quince paste turnovers/chaussons
Moroccan stuffed dates with almond paste and nuts
Crunchy Moroccan Halwa del Qsseb and Debla

Moroccan drinks, juices and co

Chilled Moroccan avocado juice
Moroccan lemonade/citronnade with vanilla ice cream
Moroccan milk and almond juice for happy events
Moroccan carrot, yogurt and orange juice
Moroccan tea: the types, the herbs..all about it
Moroccan lettuce and orange juice
Moroccan apricot and orange juice
Moroccan grape juice
Moroccan dairy drink: Raibi
Quartet of refreshing Moroccan juices: We love vegetables!

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