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  1. From your post about Ras el Hanout, at Taste of Maroc, I have some questions, which I hope you can find the time to answer. The ingredient: 2. Sedge, Cypéracée, E’ttara -- can you give the botanical/scientific name? 3. Boules de graines cultivées, agglomérées, Hebbet benchabek -- commercial grain balls? More specifics, please. At 11. Iris (again, the full scientific name), 21. Monk's Pepper (the scientific name). I ask as I'm running out of the ReH I bought in 2014. The Moroccan gentleman, has discontinued importing it into the US. I use it for this dish: North African Shrimp Scampi ( with my homemade harissa.

  2. Hello there! I tried my best to find any translation/ scientific label to these spices but unfortunately the article was as far as I could get to even after checking so many books and references.

    I have to say though that due to the numerous versions of Ras el hanout you can get away with less spices that the extensive version I mentioned.

    I know it's not much of help...Good luck though...


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