I am back, here and there!

Well hello readers and followers!

I have been away but not really. This site was a bit dormant. Many personal reasons to that and especially around my little ones.

However, I have some good news. I have teamed up with Christine Amina Benlafquih and we launched a new website solely dedicated to Moroccan cooking, culture and lifestyle.
Christine has extensively written about Moroccan food in her former site about.com.

Christine is American but moved to Morocco years ago and settled with her Moroccan husband and family to become a Moroccan by heart. Her food is authentic in all aspects of it and she enjoyed a great audience of Moroccan food lovers and enthusiasts.

So I am truly honoured to have been approached to team up with her to make the new site a good source of knowledge that goes beyond recipes and ingredients.

Fleur d'oranger, Masala & Co will still be active although sporadically. I might even write articles about Moroccan culture, history of dishes and traditions, recipes...everything I feel ready to share with you when the time and my little boys allow it, hoping that you will always be there to read and share your thoughts.

Some of the recipes from this sites will move to taste of maroc and will have a link from here to their new home. Migrating some articles allowed me to review them, correct the spelling mistakes and improve the flow of the recipe, which is all and all a good thing.

Well I wish you enjoy checking both sites.

Happy reading and cooking!

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