Moroccan harissa paste using fresh peppers

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- Video de la recette de Harissa en Arabe: Ici.

Mild harissa, homemade

Strained harissa sauce


  1. Amazing pictures as usual, Nada! I loved putting harissa in kebab when I was in Tunis!! Actually I wonder if I'm still able to have it!

    1. That sounds good!

      Have you considered marinating fish, chicken and meat with harissa before grilling it?
      I honestly don't have a good stomach for deadly hot harissas but I love the mild ones..

  2. For the harissa with dried chili peppers, are there specific varieties of dried peppers that would be better to use? There are a number of varieties available in the local markets here in California, some hotter than others, some smokey.

    1. We use dried cayenne pepper as a first choice and also that's what is mostly available in Moroccan markets. But then it would be interesting to try and mix other peppers.

      I know scotch bonnet has a fruity note so I don't see it in the mix but then again, it's worth experimenting.


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