Moroccan stuffed harchas with cheese and other things

We love Harcha so much that when Huma (check her incredibly amazing work here) kindly proposed that I write about Ramadan in Morocco from a culinary perspective, I wanted to give harcha the exposure it deserves. 

The other reason why I meant to include stuffed harcha recipe in Huma's Ramadan event is because of it's humble ingredients and its simplicity: everyone can make it. 

Take a tour at Huma's world here
Please head to her page and enjoy my guest post over there. Her blog is so addictive and I'm sure you will enjoy her yummy world. 

If you are a follower of this blog you must be familiar with harcha, a flat Moroccan galettes made of semolina (not couscous).

I have introduced what harcha is all about here, here, there and also there.

I love the layers of textures in this harcha
Make sure you make these. They're good anytime of the day. I love them for breakfast.

Stuffed harchas with olives, cheese and khlii (Moroccan cured and preserved meat)


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