Well hello there!

It's been a while since my last post. That long that I seriously need a refreshing course on how to take photos and how to write my recipes.

Baby should be 15 weeks old by now and it seems we are expecting a boy!

I'm back to cooking although not massively. I still can't take the onion neither the garlic smell (to mention a few). I don't fancy anything sweet except a scoop of ice cream once in a while..

In every corner I see onion tart in Neustadt, for some reason it seems to be the onion tart season. In normal days I would have digged in but...nature!

I have also noticed Lebkuchen, ChristStollen and other Christmas goodies on the shelves. Is that too early or I just have the impression? It made me think that 2012 is almost over...

But first, let's enjoy the autumn with all its goodies, get cosy and warm!


  1. Big congratulations Nada - I'm really happy for you guys! Enjoy the journey, especially everything up to the point when the little guy arrives, because then... everything changes!

    Stay well, and happy cooking :)

  2. Hi Charles, I'm so happy for you as well! Your baby looks like angel!


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