Back from Morocco and...pregnant!

Well hello there everyone!

I hope you are enjoying Summer. 

Today, I'll be sharing some news with you!

First, I went to Morocco for a month without mentioning it! I was given a short notice myself from my husband who decided it two days prior to our departure.

When I got there, my classic and now usual troubles with getting a proper internet connectivity made me give up.

But that is not the main thing I'm writing about today! I'm officially 8 weeks pregnant and the odds that one of the things I hate doing these days is cooking and especially baking! Nauseas kicked in the first week! My husband is in shock! lol.

Anyway, since I've already had a miscarriage, we are trying to be cautious with this pregnancy. Taking the plane today was already a bad thing but hey, I get to write to you and tell you all what's going on..

Wish me luck. We are really trying to conceive and I hope this one sticks....


  1. Hey Nada, but that's the greatest news I ve heard in the last few days!!! I can see your husband shock!! My partner would be shocked as well if I decided to do not cook for some reason, nausea included!! Btw, I wish all the best, and take care of you. baci baci

  2. I am so happy for you and wish you all the best. I hope you enjoyed Morocco and welcome back. Be sure to take good care, especially during this first trimester!

  3. Congrats :-) just browsed through your recipes, your breads are wonderful.... subscribed to you to have access to your great recipes ^___^ take care

  4. Hi Serena, thanks dear, I need it! Today I discovered i'm lacking iron, but i'm at my 9th week..yaay

  5. Hi Ellen! Thanks a lot! I'm really not doing much so the baby sticks...Wish me luck!

  6. Hi Nashreen, Good to have you here! I hope I get back to cooking soon once this nausea problems stops..

    Thanks for your wishes.


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