Zucchini flower fritters and sweet tartlets for my 400th post

Well yes, I just noticed that my 400th post is going to be savoury and not sweet although I can sneak some pics of some baking I've recently done..

To all those folks out there following "loudly" (commenting and sharinng thoughts). I would love to thank you for your support and being my "e-buddies".

To all those "descreet" folks who are following this blog, I will be glad to get to know you!

I'm posting a fairly easy recipe today. The main ingredient is zucchini flowers. It's Italian inspired although the coating might be personalized.

My "vegetarian" lunch

Zucchini flower fritters is one of the things you either like or hate..I like them, my husband can't stand them. But they definitely make an impression.

Serves 2
Prep: 5 min - cooking : 4 min

  • 4 fresh zucchini flowers
  • 1/2 cup of polenta
  • 1/2 cup of potato flakes (for puree), or allpurpose flour
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Chili, paprika to taste (optional)
  • Onion or garlic powder, to taste (optional)
  • 1 egg
  • Oil for frying


Heat the oil in a pan.

Pick the zucchini flowers, have 3 separated plates or bowls ready: one for lightly beaten egg, one for polenta and one for the potato flakes (or you can mix the last two). Season to taste.

Coat the zucchini flowers with the egg, remove any excess. Coat with the polenta and the potatoe flakes and shallow-fry until golden or golden brown.

Drain and serve warm, right there because these zucchini flower fritters and best served the same moment they've been fried.

And since it's a kind of anniversary here..I will still share with you some of the sweet baking I made lately..

German chocolate cake with coconut and redcurrant (coulis and fresh berries)

This one are a combination of my German custard pie and the Alain Ducasse's lemon tarts..

Alain Ducasse's lemon tartlets (with 20 min baking time so the custard sets) topped with a coconut streusel leftover from here. In between, there is a luscious homemade blueberry marmelade
Here is another combination of leftovers (all of which have been pulled out of the freezer before being used):

Tartlets over a sweet shortcrust dough, with a layer of vanilla custard, a layer of lemon curd and a layer of blueberry marmelade.  All topped with a coconut streusel leftover from here and baked to perfection
Oozing goodness from the tartlets with 4 layers (custard, lemon curd, marmelade and streusel)


  1. Ciao Nada and Alf Mabrouk for your 400th post! Those days I have been a very discreet follower but I got a glance to your recipes as soon as I got the chance!
    I m studying arabic literature *and grammar as well and i m getting crazy as it was used to happened to me years ago. Hope everything is ok!
    Bousat, serena

  2. Hi Serena..I'm following you as well! I see taht you are enjoying the fruits of the season and doing nice things.

    I think you are so brave to dip yourself in arabic literature and grammar. Although my mother and my aunties used to teach that but I used to score bad in this. It used to be my nightmare lol..It still is!

  3. Congrats on ur 400th post Nada, bother dishes looks terribly yummy.

  4. Congratulations on your 400th post! I have been waiting for a post on zucchini flowers. I've never cooked them and am so glad you were the one to post. I love all your recipes and look forward to future posts!

  5. Hi Ellen, looks like i'm reading your mind...So here is another way to use polenta and give a crunch to anything we may fry.

  6. Hi Nada - I never tried courgette (or zucchini, haha) flowers before... I meant to last year, when I was growing them but they died before I got a chance to pick them!

    Do they taste of anything in particular? I love this look of this - such a beautfiul, colourful dish!

  7. congrats on 400 th post... fritters and tartlets looks very yummy

  8. Hi Charles, I'm also laughting when I use "zucchini" but since my English is a bit my 4th language I quite don't know which one to use: Americans and British have different ways of calling it. I get confused.

    They are ok honestly but make an impression (The colours, the gourmet thing) if you are inviting people...THey look good as well. But I can live without! I served them with cream cheese and chives. I enjoyed them that way. Otherwise, on their own, as the French say "BOOOOF".

  9. Thanks Spice up the curry! I learned a lot throughout! Such a learning curve!


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