Hello from Morocco

Hello there folks!

Here I am, moving from one country to another, and then to a 3rd one in the near future. In the meantime, I am in Morocco, enjoying the beautiful weather and the wonderful food.

People are complaining because there wasn't much rain. I recall it was raining crazy last year at the same time. I have to take care of the greens in my garden as the soil is drying...It's still green but it needs maintenance. So I wish the coming days were wet!

I also had to get my internet to work, so I'm back to posting and soon I'll be posting recipes..

See you soon (virtually)!


  1. Hello Nada,
    Welcome back, started to miss you!
    Where are you now in Morocco, and where are you going?
    Greetings from a drizzly Holland

  2. Hello Eric, Nice to know I was missed...
    I'm currently between Casablanca and El Jedida where the surrounding beaches are wonderful and quiet at this time of the year (good for a walk).

    I'll be in Europe soon, no date yet but not far from Hollande.

  3. Take care Nada - have a wonderful time and looking forward to seeing you back active again here soon!


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