Express Moroccan khlii: M'quila Slaouia (Casserole from Sale)

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  1. I love the method of "confit" preserving. I only actually looked it up recently... call me a bit silly but I'd never actually heard of that method. I'd assumed maybe the fat would turn rancid or something after some time... this recipe looks like a lot of fun, something I'd like no doubt! I wonder if I can buy fat from my butcher... doesn't seem like something the French people here would normally request :D

  2. Oh but the French have lard, which means the do nasty things, I suggest you check with a North african butcher...

    It will become rancid if it hasn't cooked well and dried well (meat and liquid). The water has to disappear after the cooking process. That's my mother's advice.

  3. Moroccan Khlii is available for sale in the USA.
    checkout their website at

  4. Hi Shaun..Lucky those in USA, it's unfortunately not the case in other countries..

  5. Other recipes i see don't add water for the marinade.

    I assume they just marinade it in the oil and fat.

    Is water absolutely necessary for the marinade? Will the meat still preserve without it?

    1. Hi JOseph, Thanks for stopping by!

      The water is added to the meat for cooking and making sure nothing burns after cooking. If the cut used is a fast cooking one then you could do without it but other parts need extra liquid before reaching tenderness.

      As for preserving, this does not last beyond 2 /3 weeks in the fridge..unlike the classic khlii which lasts for months even outside a fridge.. However, I still use it as a substitute in rolls, meat and baked potatoes or roasted veg..

      I hope I answered to your questions..


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