Last week's bakes

Last week, I was invited to a tea-time/book-club/birthday afternoon and I decided to bake a few things for the host.

I have already posted the recipe for these wonderful Ghrouibas which are a sort of Macaron, some compare it with Amaretti but they've been made for years and I have a family recipe which never failed us...

Almond ghrouibas

I have also made my favourite coconut and orange blossom cookies which are a bit of an old thing as well. Nobody makes them anymore back home, very sad indeed! Everytime I make these, people ask for the recipe...

Moroccan kisses with coconut and orange blossom

Now for the savoury bit, I have served these crackers with 2 sort of dips (no recipe for the dips, Sorry! I forgot to take photos).

Thin Polenta crackers

Finally, I have made these Moroccan cheese cookies, I've cut them out in different ways, for the season (the recipe will follow)...

Moroccan savoury cheese biscuits

I hope you get to try any of these and let me know how it went...


  1. Wow cute and very attractive bakes.

  2. Thanks Priya! So sweet of you as usual!


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